The Beautiful Rzeszow dataset consists of 3000 images of 50 tourist sites in Rzeszow, Poland. Each attraction, such as a building, monument, or place, was photographed at a different time of the day (day and night) and season (spring, autumn, and winter). In the dataset, there are large scale, viewpoint and rotation variations, as well as challenging illumination conditions. All with a variety of occlusions.

The Beautiful Rzeszow dataset

The At Home dataset contains 250 images taken at an apartment. There are 60 learning images, 190 test images, and an image with the apartment scheme. Here, labels refer to the part of the apartment and observed objects.

ZIP package (20.4 MB)

The Doors and Corridors dataset contains labelled images of corridors and doors captured in the Department of Computer and Control Engineering, at the Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland. There are 111 learning examples and 126 test images in this dataset.

ZIP package (14.2 MB)

I would like to thank Jaroslaw Padjasek and Przemyslaw Kasprzyk for their great help in preparation of these datasets.